Pickabox brings wonderful surprises at your doorstep!

Every month we create a different box in a different category. We select amazing products related to the month’s category and create an amazing surpise box!

The month’s box is available for purchase until the 20th of the month. You can expect delivery between 20th and 30th.

Our October box: “Slow Food & Small Greek Producers” and will be available until 20th of October.


  1. See this month’s BOX.
  2. Choose if you would like to receive it once or every month (if you choose every month you can cancel anytime)
  3. You will not be able to find the same box once it is closed as our team will prepare the next month’s box in a different category.
  4. Wait until the box gets delivered at your doorstop and pay cash on delivery.


You can pay with Cash on Delivery.